Sunday, August 5, 2012


And so it comes to this.
Pettiness. Triviality.
Spite. Hurt.

I'm not sure exactly what I feel.
I didn't know how much you cut me
Until I woke up.

I don't want to explain anymore. 
I feel that even if I did
Explanations aren't welcome anyway.

I need a bit of introspection.
Think things through.
Let the cooler me prevail.

I shall soak it in.
Wallow in the feeling.

If I find myself in that familiar place
At the end of all this
I'll know what to do.

No promises. No assurances.
No effort at least for now.
No nothing. 


  1. ano toh?last time we've talk e happy ka pa a!

    hope ok ka lang jan, hugs...

  2. Haha. OA lang na Emo dahil sa LQ at ulan. Okay na ulit. Hahaha.